We build high quality ships and thus deliver sustainable solutions.

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New building

We build fishing vessels, offshore vessels, pontoons and accommodation, tugs, dredgers, passenger ships and workboats. The projects are realized under our own management at our own location. We also work on-site to perform activities for large projects.  We are in possession of fully equipped, mobile workshop containers to execute these activities on-site.

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Hull and section building

For the construction of large projects, we stand at the basis by building various hulls and sections. Our hulls and sections are delivered to conversion projects and new construction projects at other shipyards. To this end, we use our expertise of steel construction to support complex projects.

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Through conversion and refit, we transform old ships into new ships. By reusing materials, we contribute to a circular economy and a more sustainable maritime sector. Our shipyard is helping to build various conversion projects throughout the country.

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We apply our expertise in steel to the design and construction of complex structures. We apply the complex design lines of ships to the construction of forms such as artworks and structures.

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